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Sorry to trick you. I know this isn't what you were looking for but this is what you need. Moyer Computer is in the process of updating your data and network security. This was just a test to show how easy it is to fall victim to a hacker. Just from you clicking on that link I now have your IP address, location, device type, and device OS. If I really wanted to I could have so much more than that. Internet security is a big deal and thats why we are doing this. Take a moment to read some of these "Best Practices" I've listed below. A more detailed policy letter will be published through your office manager soon. Take care!

Email Security:

Be careful opening emails from senders that you don't recognize and never click on links that are on those emails. This can put your entire network at risk. 

Network Security:

Never give out your office WiFi password. This information is strictly confidential and giving it out can really put your at risk of a data breach. Instead, offer a guest WiFi. This is a completely separate network from what your server is stored on and therefore safe. 

Never access your company server or enter passwords while connected to a public WiFi or Hardwired network. Hackers can easily play a "Man In The Middle" attack where everything you enter goes through them first and gets recorded (bugged) before it goes to where you actually intended it to go. This mean that if you are trying to download a case file while connected to Starbucks WiFi, Mr. Hacker now has your password to the server and the entire file. If you must use a public network, always connect using a secure VPN.

Data Security:

Secure all your accounts with a high level password. This would be something with more than 8 characters at least 2 numbers and a special character. NEVER use your name, spouse's name, anniversary, 12345678, 00000000, 1111111111, ext. Passwords like these can cost your business Millions and cost you, your identity. Most smart devices like apple and android offer services like Password Vaults. Take advantage of these services, your device will create an extremely secure password for every account while you only need to remember one. This eliminates the next point, NEVER use the same password for all your accounts. This means if your password for Google is Welcome1! you should only use it for Google and not for anything else. 

Physical Security:

Always lock your device before you walk away, no matter how far or for how long. You don't know what conversation might come up around the corner that may take you from your unlocked computer for the next 20 minutes. This leaves room for anyone to access files that they shouldn't have their hands on. once again ALWAYS LOCK YOUR DEVICE!

Moyer Computer manages your antivirus software called Malwarebytes Nebula and monitors your computer. If you don't see Malwarebytes on your computer, make sure you notify Moyer Computer ASAP.

Keep a constant back-up. Try to back-up your device as often as you can. This ensures that no matter what happens, you always have a fall back plan.

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